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Start your application today (with no application fee) and save your progress as you go. 一旦你点击提交, our admission team will review your materials and follow up with an admission decision. We review appications on a rolling basis, which means you can apply any time.



  1. 常见的应用程序
  2. 重新接纳的应用程序 (for applicants who applied to or attended Carroll College within the last two years)


Follow a simpler application process. 没有费用. 考试成绩可选.

的 college search is complex enough. That's why we strive to make the admission process as seamless as possible. We allow students to either self-report their ACT or SAT scores, or take advantage of our optional test score policy so you can focus on what matters most: getting excited for your first day at Carroll.

Here's what you'll need to submit:

  • A completed application form
  • An essay or personal statement
  • 高中成绩单
  • College transcripts (if applicable)
  • SAT/ACT test scores (optional for eligible applicants)
  • A letter of recommendation (encourage, but not required)




Helpful information for filling out your application.

Fall First Year Applicants

  • 11月1日 -提早行动*
  • 11月1日 — Direct Entry 护理 Deadline
  • 2月28日 — Regular Decision Deadline
  • 6月15日 — Rolling 入学 Deadline
    • *Non-binding, guaranteed admission decision by 12月1日 for complete application

春天的第一年 & 转让申请人

  • 11月1日 — Regular Decision Deadline
  • 12月1日 — Rolling 入学 Deadline


  • 3月15日 ——优先考虑
  • 5月1日 — 转移 护理 Application Deadline
  • 6月15日 — Regular Decision Deadline

Carroll College will accept self-reported ACT and/or SAT scores for admission consideration. When self-reporting test scores on your admission application please indicate your scores by test date. 请不要超值. Students who enroll at Carroll College will be required to submit official score reports prior to registration. 注意: We now provide a 测试可选 path for students. Students will have this option within the application. Students who chose this option will not be required to submit ACT or SAT test scores, with the following exceptions:

  • Students who have reported an unweighted academic GPA of lower than 3.0
  • Students who are home schooled or attend a school that does not provide traditional letter grades
  • Students applying to direct entry nursing
  • Athletic recruits (test scores required by the NAIA to determine eligibility)

Please see our full guidelines for test optional students.

应用ing to Carroll is an easy process 有许多好处. 的re is no application fee, and test score submission is optional. 应用程序 are reviewed on a rolling basis. Once your application file is complete, it will be evaluated and submitted to our 入学 Committee.

Note that as you are filling your FAFSA, the Carroll code is 002526. A completed application file includes the application, an essay or personal statement, 高中成绩单, and college transcripts (if applicable). SAT/ACT scores are optional and a letter of recommendation is encouraged but not required.

Applicants interested in the 护理 program at Carroll College must select "护理"在…"学术兴趣" field on their application to be considered.   加速护理 学生应使用 Carroll online application.


Welcome to all and committed to equal opportunity

Carroll College is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, 比赛, 宗教, 性取向, 婚姻状况, 资深地位, 国家的起源, 或民族起源. No qualified individual is excluded from admission or participation in any educational program, 活动, or facility by reason of disability, providing the individual can properly perform with reasonable accommodation.

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